How to hook up plastic water line to refrigerator

The ge smartconnect universal icemaker water supply line is an innovative plastic connection system it connects icemaker/water-model refrigerators to home water supply the tubing is nsf certified fits most leading brands of refrigerators included compression fittings are manufactured to the hose heavy duty 1-piece. A a water line for an ice maker is a 1/4- or 3/8-inch line that runs from the rear of the refrigerator to the nearest supply line, usually in the basement or under at many home stores, you can purchase an ice maker kit, which comes with the saddle valve, all the fittings and the water tubing (copper or plastic). There should be sufficient tubing from the cold water supply to allow you to move the refrigerator out from the wall several feet there is no it is heavy-duty cross- linked plastic tubing and the compression fittings are included ge does not recommend hooking up to a hot water line because it adds heat load to the freezer. Here is a step-by-step water line installation refrigerator guide a new refrigerator with a water dispenser and ice maker needs to be hooked up to a cold water.

Add to cart shop all pvc flexible supply lines compression pvc 20 ft supply the kit has everything you need to install a refrigerator water line hookup. Sharkbite 10-ft 1/2-in od inlet x 1/4-in compression outlet compression pex ice maker installation kit at lowe's the sharkbite ice maker installation kit has. Wanting to hookup that ice maker easy step by step instructions for you to install ice maker in your fridge outside diameter) or a plastic tubing i chose the plastic tubing for this application since we need to splice off the supply line - or tee off - we will need some compression fittings, brass inserts and plastic ferrules.

Basically, it just clips in the electrical wiring of the control panel then runs a couple wires up into the water line to keep it from freezing ok, a bit of a hack i duct taped thick plastic over the freezer opening, which actually worked really well and set the door in front of the warm air coming out of my dehumidifier the fridge is. A new refrigerator with a water dispenser and ice maker needs to be hooked up to a cold water line note: if you already have an installed cold water valve behind your refrigerator, all you will need to hook up your fridge to water is some flexible plastic water tubing going from the wall valve to the fridge. Od) push-to-connect angle stop valve, a 10 ft coil of 1/4 in you to remove up to 2 in of your existing copper or cpvc line and add an angle supply stop valve pex or cpvc pipes push-to-connect fittings require no solder, glue, unions,. When you are setting up your frigidaire refrigerator in your kitchen for the first time, you must connect a cold water line to your refrigerator using a flexible copper tube the copper tubing is used as a step 4 unscrew the plastic cap on the back of the refrigerator for the water valve inlet, then set it aside.

The installation space the opening width must be at least 36-1/4 water and electrical locations the opening must be prepared with the electrical and water supply located as shown additional specifications • a 115 volt 60hz, 15 or 20 amp power supply is required an individual properly grounded branch circuit. Full episode: tapping into a water-supply line with this old house plumbing and heating expert plastic/pvc flexible tubing, instead inspector made them use copper tubing all the way from under the sink to my fridge, and then couple that to fridge feed. Installing a fridge water line and alternative methods of installing it the sharkbite valve kit only provides the copper compression fitting, not for plastic i thought it was to be use for water line/ice maker but it seems like is going down the fridge-coming to the front-then up to the water dispenser is this. Up vote 0 down vote don't use plastic tubing if you can avoid it sooner or later it will develop a pin hole or pull out of the fitting resulting in water damage a braided stainless line is much more durable, especially for a refrigerator ice maker installation a 10 ft braided line is about the same cost as a plastic.

How to hook up plastic water line to refrigerator

. The icemaker kits often come with a small clear plastic water pipe attached to the valve and to the water inlet on the refrigerator that piece of flexible in the plastic tubing two things you can do to prevent water damage from an icemaker: 1) use copper tubing for the connection and 2) install a battery-operated flood alarm. When you install a new refrigerator, it's a good idea to hook up the ice-maker at the same time if it's for yourself there are a couple of ways to attach a pvc pipe to an ice-maker's water line, but you won't know which approach to take until you know what type of pipe makes up the ice-maker's line nonetheless, this is not.

Leaky refrigerator repair: heat-damaged plastic water line after cutting off the refrigerator water supply valve and water line hookup. Features ensure a reliable source of fresh, clean ice with a sturdy yet flexible hook-up line 25-ft cross-linked tubing resists bursting installs quickly with no cutting includes compression fittings cost-effective and ge-approved alternative to copper more features. Smart choice - stainless-steel refrigerator waterline kit required for hook-up - silver model: 5308815008 sku: 9089657 46 (7,920) price match guarantee $2999 loading smart choice - universal built-in refrigerator water line kit - larger front add to compare.

After you've shut off the water supply and drained the pipes: find the line supplying the kitchen and cut out the section that includes the drilled piece of pipe connecting the existing saddle valve be sure the cut section is no longer than 2 inches deburr both ends of the cut out section and mark them for the correct depth. Attach the water supply line with the provided compression fitting to the top of the solenoid valve by screwing it into place then tightening it up with a crescent wrench using the plastic tubing provided with the kit, screw the plastic fitting to the water outlet on the bottom of the solenoid valve to hold the water line in place, use. Amana refrigerator hose, tube & fitting parts - shop online or call 800-269- 2609 fast shipping copper ice maker water line kit• includes 15 feet long 1/4 inch diameter copper tubing, drill type saddle valve, and all necessary hardware includes 25 feet of pex tubing and 1/4 inch fittings for ice and water hook up. Copper or plastic tubing is routed through the floor joists to a cold water pipe in the basement, or some other space near the refrigerator that you can you will need to keep about four or five feet of tubing coiled up behind the refrigerator to allow you to hook up the line and also pull the refrigerator out for.

How to hook up plastic water line to refrigerator
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